Dominican Café la Cotorra

Dominican Café la Cotorra

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Family farm, Dominican Republic

4,500-5,000 ft. above sea level

Vienna roast

Pour over, full cup, drip brew


Café la Cotorra comes from a wonderful, family-owned farm in the south eastern corner of the Dominican Republic. The farm, located high in the DR mountains is currently owned by the family of pastor Juan Francisco. Juan and his wife, Debbie, are both pastors at the door of refuge church in Providence, RI. This beautiful farm has been in Juan's family for multiple generations. When Juan speaks about his childhood, he speaks about the farm and his grandfather's tireless love for it. After his grandfather died, Juan, Debbie, and the family worked hard to make the farm both profitable and sustainable. Juan and Debbie love everything about their farm -- from the local workers who spend long days on the mountain side picking coffee to the la Cotorra bird, an endangered species, who has a sanctuary high up on these hills, on Juan's farm. The proceeds from coffee sales go directly back Juan's DR community; when the farm does well, the community thrives. The coffee produced here is silky and complex with natural semi-sweet to dark chocolate tones that finish off with hints of lime and orange. We hope you take the time to enjoy this elegant, time-honored coffee. To learn more about this great coffee, including reviews, check out our blog entry. 

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