Kenya Peaberry

Mt. Kirinyaga, Kenya
5000+ ft. above sea level
Medium roast
Intense, winy black current

Kenya Peaberry

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Our lovely Kenya Peaberry is a treat for all African Arabica coffee lovers! These wonderfully flavorful beans are painstakingly separated from regular beans and represent a mere 5% of coffee beans harvested annually. The peaberry, unlike a regular bean, is the only bean to grow in a cherry husk. Normally, two cherry seeds grow side-by-side in a single husk, causing each seed to develop one “flat” side. In the peaberry mutation, only one seed is fertilized in the cherry, allowing it to grow into a rich, round seed. Due to their round shape, peaberries generally roast more evenly than “flat” beans, creating a rich, smooth, intense, flavor. Our Kenya Peaberry grows high on the plateaus of Mt. Kirinyaga and is roasted to a lovely medium shade. The brew is full-bodied with sparkling acidity and a rich, winy black current flavor. Kenya Peaberry makes a wonderful breakfast, brunch, and lunch coffee!

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