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Something special is brewing!

This month, more than the sun is sizzling! We are excited to introduce our July special, the rare, bright, beautiful Tanzania Peaberry coffee. The peaberry, which composes only 5% off all beans grown, are rich, clean, and intensely powerful. Our Tanzania Peaberry is medium roasted to encourage the bean's gentle, sweet richness to dominate. The cup starts with a butterscotch sweetness and gives way to a mild cedar center before finishing with a soft, vibrant melon-like close. This is a treat for African coffees lovers looking for something sweeter and milder than a Kenyan or Ethiopian. 20% off all of July!

Wishing you all a wonderful, July!!


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Tanzania Peaberry
Tanzania Peaberry
$16.90  $13.52

Medium, light body, butterscotch