Nicaraguan Matagalpa -- GREEN

Finca Idealista, Nicaragua
4,200 + ft. above sea level
Green beans

Nicaraguan Matagalpa -- GREEN

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This brilliant Nicaraguan Matagalpa hails from a one of Gold Mountain Coffee Grower's partner farm. (Gold Mountain Coffee Growers also has their own farm, Finca Idealista (Idealist Coffee Farm)). These great beans are grown high in the shady canopy of Nicaragua's southwest mountains. Finca Idealista is ideal in many ways -- from it's topography to it's eco-conscious, sustainable harvest. Finca Idealista is composed of many micro lots and our stunning matagalpa comes from the lot of local farmer, Don Francisco. As improbable as it may sound, this smooth, decadent coffee is only one of Gold Mountain's great offerings. To date, Gold Mountain has reinvested in the local community through numerous sustainable-development projects, including, providing workers with access to credit and sourcing and providing medical care. Great topography and eco-consciousness provide Gold Mountain a superb foundation for developing top tier coffees; what really sets this farm apart is the purity of transaction, growing integrity, and meticulous attention to detail each worker brings to their job. This is a wonderful, sweet brew with a delicate floral scent and smooth body. We recommend roasting these beans to a vienna roast to preserve their smooth chocolate base and cabernet overtones. To read more about Gold Mountain and Finca Idealista, check out our blog entry. Please note that these beans are not roasted.

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