Sulawesi Toraja -- GREEN

Tana Taraja highlands, Sulawesi, Indonesia
5,000 - 6,000 ft. above sea level
Green Beans

Sulawesi Toraja -- GREEN

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Sulawesi Toraja is a stunningly sweet, bold bean often described as the jewel of Indonesian coffee. Grown high in Sulawesi s western Tana Toraja highlands, beans from Toraja (which means people of the highlands) are grown on small, family-owned plots and harvested by hand. Post harvest, the beans are semi-washed before being semi-dried and hulled for export. This processing method creates the same rustic taste you expect from an Indonesian but with a twist Sulawesi dry and hull their beans pre-export; this extra drying graces the bean with a surprisingly bright finish. Our Sulawesi is grown alongside bamboo and spices and produces a bold, earthy taste infused with strong tones of cinnamon, honey-coated nut, and a hint of black pepper. Sulawesi has a permeating aroma and smooth, textured mouth-feel. For those who love strong coffee, this is a true gem. Please note these beans are not roasted.

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