Sulawesi Toraja

Tana Taraja highlands, Sulawesi, Indonesia
5,000 - 6,000 ft. above sea level
Vienna roast
Earthy, spicy, honey-coated nut

Sulawesi Toraja

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Sulawesi Toraja is a stunningly sweet, bold bean often described as the jewel of Indonesian coffee. Grown high in Sulawesi's western Tana Toraja highlands, beans from Toraja (which means people of the highlands) are grown on small, family-owned plots and harvested by hand. Post-harvest, the beans are semi-washed before being semi-dried and hulled for export. This processing method creates the same rustic taste you expect from an Indonesian but with a twist Sulawesi dry and hull their beans pre-export; this extra drying graces the bean with a surprisingly bright finish. Our Sulawesi, grown alongside bamboo and spices, is roasted to a rich Vienna shade and produces a bold, earthy taste infused with strong tones of cinnamon, honey-coated nut, and a hint of black pepper. Sulawesi has a permeating aroma and smooth, textured mouth-feel. For those who love strong coffee, this is a true gem.

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