Queen Bean Coffee Company:

150+ years of superior roasting with a start-up mentality

Specialty service

Personalized coffee blends, custom, handmade favors
Tailored coffee products.
Event coffee and supplies
Referral discount codes for sharing
Coffee tastings
Tasting parties

Small business

Customized corporate packages based on employee count, variety desired, and equipment preference
Tailored subscription packages Instructional sessions
Volume discounts
Referral discount codes for employees Customized corporate gift options


Whole bean
Ground coffee
Single serve coffee options
Flexible subscriptions
Custom coffee gifts
Custom, handmade tote bags
Hand-wrapped event favors
On-line tutorials and coffee lifestyle tips

Who we work with...

Bakeries, caterers, event planners, B&Bs, small offices, specialty markets, start-ups, individual coffee lovers, and more!

Coffee for all!

Highest quality shade-grown, arabica coffees for home, office, events, and gifting.

150+ Organic, sustainable, eco-conscience coffees

Direct and fair trade shade-grown, high-grown, arabica coffees from organic, natural, and sustainable farms.

Naturally processed decaffeinated coffees

Wholly natural CO2 decaffeination (primary) and Swiss Water Decaffeination processes.

40+ Exceptional flavored coffees

Natural flavoring oils on our arabica beans create beautifully aromatic, pleasing flavored coffees.

Delicious single serve options

Single serve coffee pods and Q-cups (Keurig compatible).

Other Roasters

Small-batch roasters, who often lack consistency and variety, and large commercial roasters, who are often too rigid to adapt to you. Queen Bean Coffee Company combines the best of the small batch and commercial roaster strengths -- an obsession with details, devotion to quality, passion, precision, consistency, and variety.

Small batch roaster

  • Strength: Quality beans, attention to detail, communicating the coffee story, passion
  • Weakness: Lack of consistency, limited options, often no decaf or flavored coffee options, limited degassing chambers, exclusive vs. inclusive messaging

Large commercial roaster

  • Strength: Purchasing power, consistency, large distribution channels, a wide variety of offerings, advanced roasting technology 
  • Weakness: Limited customization, lower-quality beans, mass production, regional blending of beans

Competitive Advantages

We're natural nesters. We're women. We have traveled, lived abroad, had multiple professional lives and know that it is the small, familiar things - like coffee, that ground us and give us peace. Quality and the story aren't enough. People need to feel connected and invested in their products. They also need to feel they can consume without judgement. As a company, we provide an exceptional cup of coffee. As consumers ourselves, we want to make our coffee a member of your household - give it new purpose by giving you more ways to drink, present, discuss, and enjoy your cup. We want to make you the expert and the innovator.

150+ Years of exceptional roasting

Mills' dedication to coffee has made it one of the nations oldest, continuously family-run roasters in the nation.

Great decafs and flavored coffees

Our decafs and flavored coffees are roasted with the same care and attention to detail as our single origin coffees.

Flexible roasting

We can hand-roast 1 pound at a time as easily as we can roast 1,000 pounds. The process is tailored to the bean and customer.


Our master roasters will partner with you to create the perfect blend for your event.

Unique pricing models

Being an importer as well as a roaster, we have the flexibility to offer highly competitive pricing to corporate and high volume customers.

The pretty factor

We love to make things pretty - our drinks, bags, gifts, etc. We want that "wow" feeling to start the moment you open the shipping box.

The Team

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Chief Executive Officer

Nicole is the President of Queen Bean Coffee Company. A member of the Mills family, Nicole grew up with coffee. Nicole sees the roasting plant as the spirit of the family. Prior to starting Queen Bean Coffee Company, Nicole worked in corporate America. She holds a BA from NYU and an MPA from Columbia University.


Chief Technology Officer

Cindy is Chief Technology Officer at Queen Bean Coffee Company. Prior to joining Queen Bean Coffee Company, Cindy was a Sr. Scientific Researcher and Programmer for NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. She holds Bachelor degrees from SUNY Binghamton and NYIT and an MPA from Columbia University.