Myanmar Myaing

Myaing, Shan Highlands, Myanmar
4,200+ ft. above sea level
Full city / Vienna roast
Wild, bright, rich

Myanmar Myaing

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Myanmar coffee is fascinating and unique in the world of arabica coffee. Grown 4,200+ feet above sea level in Myanmar’s Shan Highlands, in rich volcanic soil, under a cool mist from the Bay of Bengal, our Myaing coffee (which translates to ‘tasty’ in the local dialect), is traditionally-grown, tended, harvested, and processed on small plots by the Danu ethnic tribe. These natural farming methods and dry processing create wild, exotic, and all-around exciting beans! Only available in the Western market since 2016, Myanmar coffee has consistently wowed cuppers at competitions – at least those with the opportunity to try it! Our Myanmar Myaing is roasted to a full-city / Vienna shade to preserve the beans' vibrant berry acidity and deep, sweet chocolate and spice notes. Full-bodied with a thick mouthfeel, Myanmar Myaing opens with bright berry notes before giving way to a textured base layered with notes of gentle dried fruit and delicately spiced honey. Wonderfully unique, these beans fuse a Kenyan’s elegant brightness with the exotic spice of a fine Sumatran. The aroma is a lovely melange of sweet spice and deep berry. To learn more about our Myanmar Myaing and Myanmar's coffee history, please visit our blog entry

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