Salvador Café Quorum

La Libertad, El Salvador
4,000+ ft. above sea level
Full city roast
Chocolate, delicate spice

Salvador Café Quorum

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We are excited to introduce strictly high grown Salvador Café Quorum. This stunning, sustainable coffee comes to us from Finca San Luis, a small farm owned and managed by the Angelucci family. Finca San Luis is situated high (4,000+ feet above sea level) in La Libertad’s cordillera del Bálsamo. The cordillera del Bálsamo, a stunning, soaring coastal mountain range in southwestern El Salvador, hugs the Pacific Ocean. The cordillera, unlike traditional mountain ranges, is actually a series of five volcanic clusters. These volcanos provide nutrient-rich soil, soaring heights, a stable microclimate, and natural old growth forest – basically, ideal growing conditions for delicate, pure bourbon beans. The high elevation provides natural pest control while the forest provides natural shade cover, and the ocean mist creates a stable moist-but-not wet climate that allows arabica plants to thrive.


Having visited Finca San Luis in 2013, we had the pleasure of meeting the Angeluccis and experiencing their passion for sustainability, Salvador, and coffee firsthand. A multi-generation coffee family currently led by Giuseppe, the Angeluccis have introduced numerous sustainability initiatives to ensure Finca San Luis meets the highest sustainability and preservation standards –- and the results are in the numbers. Presently, a staggering 75% of San Luis bourbon descends from ancient trees. To honor the purity of this beautiful bean, we’ve roasted Café Quorum to a full-city shade to preserve its beautiful acidity and delicate, crisp spice, soft citrus, and chocolate notes. Incredibly clean, well-balanced, and aromatic with a medium body, this is a superb coffee.

Please note that 5 lb. bags do not come with our signature wrapping.

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